Lorraine has worked as an international journalist, spokesperson, and TV personality, the highlight of which was hosting a show all about the buying and selling of classic and collectible cars on MotorTrend Network (formerly Velocity network).

For many years, Lorraine’s area of focus has been the automotive world. She possesses a broad knowledge of luxury and performance brands, both past and present—from Cadillac, Jaguar and Ferrari to Lotus, Rolls Royce, Suzuki motorcycles and more—and has represented these brands to the public as a narrator, product specialist and press spokesperson.

In addition, Lorraine served as an automotive facilitator, educating dealership staff about product, customer service, and business operating systems implementation.

Lorraine’s current path originated during a time when she played a supporting role for the production of major automotive experiential marketing activations, helping to plan all aspects of huge vehicle launches and customer appreciation programs all over the United States.

A large part of that planning involved sourcing engaging, professional and experienced temporary staff to help make those programs come to life … and so Lorraine began developing a wide network of brand ambassadors, product specialists, facilitators and performance drivers.

Lorraine understands that an experiential program of any kind — automotive or otherwise — is only so good as the people you put front and center. This is why she has found it paramount to focus on continuing training — both on product as well as white-glove customer service.

In her spare time, Lorraine enjoys taking her roadster or vintage motorcycle for a spin on windy back routes. An avid road warrior, she splits her “home” time between Eastern Pennsylvania and Key West, Florida.