IT / Technology Event Staffing

It’s best if we give you an example of our expertise in this area. A company secured a bid to provide computer lead generation services to a major Top 10 US company. In their bidding process, they neglected to include a traveling IT specialist to set-up/take-down the computers each day of a 21 day program. With Promotional Brand Ambassadors team members already on site working as product and promotional specialists, we were able to utilize some of our team’s experience with computers to not only execute these tasks, but also make sure the computers were feeding data and troubleshoot issues including battery failures, overheating, screen resets and general operational issues found in an environment where thousands of people were touching the computers daily.

Because our teams are smart, educated and trained prior to being sent out to a program, you can rest assured that we can provide you with a team capable of helping with your onsite IT needs. We now even have our own consumer demographic computers and a working agreement with one of the world’s largest suppliers of lead capturing computer hardware and software systems.