Street Team / Guerrilla Marketing

One of the hardest, yet most rewarding realms of the marketing mix involves Street Team or Guerrilla Marketing efforts. We actively recruit people who don’t mind pulling up to a popular restaurant, place of business or retail location and setting up shop to show off a new product or service. Working in competitors’ backyards and neighborhoods of our clients is very satisfying and rewarding. It let’s consumers know that we are so sure of our products’ and services’ virtues, features and benefits, we’re willing to invade their space to tout these products and services. But it takes a special person willing to undertake this task. And we have all of the right people at Promotional Brand Ambassadors, Inc.!

We’ve invaded major metro areas to announce a lower monthly rental rate for a major apartment community. We’ve sampled sweet treats and chocolates right in front of a competitor’s billboard. We’ve even driven a client’s $45,000 luxury vehicle into a concert venue’s parking lot that was hosted by a higher priced competitor that didn’t offer the same great features as our client’s vehicle!